Visa and Immigration Services

Visa and Immigration Services

We offer a professional and personalized solution to assist professionals with visa acquisition, extensions and renewals in Angola.

We have a well-established immigration team that can shed some light on the process to follow and discuss visa concessions that are currently available.

How we Work

We will normally start our engagement with a technical meeting with the customer to discuss their immigration needs and make recommended solutions. This meeting can also be used to create a roadmap and protocol on our service delivery approach, ensuring we commit to addressing any customer concerns and providing the best service as possible. We will work through the following documents required to apply for a work permit at an Angolan consulate:

  • Letter from the Angolan entity applying for work permit, addressed to the Embassy.
  • Application forms duly filled (in duplicate).
  • A photocopy of applicant’s Passport, with a validity of at least 18 months.
  • Declaration by applicant to abide by the laws of Angola (translated into Portuguese, legalised by the Notary Public and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • Declaration of no existence of family relations with Angolan or Foreign Citizens living in Angola (also translated and legalised).
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Contract of Employment or Contract of Promise of Employment (translated into Portuguese, also legalised).
  • Extract from the Criminal Registry issued by authorities from the country of residence (translated into Portuguese, also legalised).
  • Certificate of good health issued by an official Health Institution from the country of residence (translated into Portuguese, also legalised).
  • Academic and professional certificates translated into Portuguese, authenticated by a notary and by the Consular and Diplomatic Mission of Angola.
  • Curriculum vitae (dated and signed by the Applicant and witnessed by public Notary and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. If written in a foreign language, translated into Portuguese before the legalisation).
  • Proof of the legal status of the Contracting Institution (a photocopy of the Angola’s Registrar of Company’s certificate, proof of paid-up Company tax in Angola and publication in the Government Gazette – (“Diário da República”).
  • Statement pledging to abide by all Angolan laws.
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